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Terms & Conditions

1: The terms and conditions set out here shall apply between Synergy Executive Cars (the “Company”) and the “Customer” whose name appears in the bookings database and shall apply to the provision of any and all drivers or delivery service (the “Service”) undertaken from time to time by Synergy Executive Cars for the Customers during the continuance of this agreement and any and all other terms warranties and/or conditions implied by statute and/or common law are hereby expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

2: The Company reserves the right to revise any of the terms and conditions stated here and will come into effect 24 hours after posting.

3: The charges payable by the Customer for the Service shall be at the rate specified in the Company’s schedule of charges. These charges can be reviewed at any time by the Customer and will come into effect 1 day after posting.

4: All bookings placed by the Customer will be settled in cash or credit/debit card (subject to a handling/processing charge & VAT) either prior to the journey or at the end of the journey.

5: All account Customer’s must settle their account within 30 days from the date of invoice by their chosen method i.e. BACS or company credit card.

6: The Customer shall be entitled for any reason not to withhold any payment of monies due to the Company and in particular shall not be entitled to do so in circumstances where the Customer is in dispute with the Company and/or claims money or compensation for the Company in respect of the service.

7: An additional surcharge of 25% on the prices listed may be added between hours of 12:00 - 18:30 on the following dates: 24th & 31st December and 100% on 25th December and 1st January.

8: There may be an additional charge if the passenger has to make a stop on the way of the journey or any other diversion on the way. The drivers are competent and have a good working knowledge of the surrounding areas and strive to take the shortest possible route on that specific day. If you need to make another stop on the way the passenger will need to give prior notices or during booking. If on the way the passenger suddenly needs to make a stop or there is optional extras they would like to take that was not booked in advance then it is up to the discretion of the driver to see if it is possible to comply with the request.

9: At the airport we include 30 minutes waiting time for free once the flight has landed, and thereafter the charge will be £24 per hour (billed at 15 minute intervals or part thereof at £6 per 15 minutes). At any pickup address we allow up to 15 minutes free waiting from the booking time, and thereafter waiting time starts (which includes the first 15 minutes as well).

10: We monitor flights for any delays and there is no extra cost to the passenger if the flight has been delayed. If the passenger misses the flight coming into one of the UK airports, the passenger has to call the Company immediately. Missed flights are charged at minimum rate or half price of your destination if not returning to Slough.

11: A booking may only be altered or cancelled with the permission of the Company and has to be done either by email, phone or text, allowing enough notice time. Failure to cancel a booking leaves that booking as unpaid. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that any outstanding payments for that booking is made within 7 days from the booking date. If a payment still remains as unpaid after 7 days then the Company will take legal action to recover the unpaid amount. Information such as phone calls, voice mails, emails or texts provided during the booking will be used as evidence should this matter proceed to court.

12: If we pick up from a UK address the driver will wait up to 15 minutes after the scheduled booking time. If we are unable to make contact with the passenger (ringing the doorbell and/or calling the contact phone number) we will pull the driver away and the passenger will be responsible for the full cost. At the airport the driver will go into the terminal building when the flight has landed and will wait by the designated pickup points in the arrivals hall. The passenger has 30 minutes free waiting time thereafter. After 30 minutes the waiting charge will apply as stipulated in section 9.

13: If the passenger has been waiting at the information desk of the airport and fails to make contact with the driver, the passenger should call the Company so as to arrange how to meet. Passengers’ should not just leave the airport without letting the Company know, as this will be regarded as a ‘no show’. Should a ‘no show’ occur as a result of the Customer leaving the airport without first contacting the Company then the full charge will be payable by the Customer.

14: It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that they allow enough time for any kind of onward travel e.g. to catch a flight, train, ship etc. The Company will not be liable if you miss your flight, train, ship etc. due to road, traffic, weather conditions or anything else beyond its direct control and will not compensate for any onward travel whatsoever. If it is the fault of the Company (in the event that a pre-booked taxi is more than 15 minutes late from the pickup address) and you have missed your onward travel then we will at most compensate ONLY for the taxi journey that was booked from the pickup address to the destination address on that particular date & time. Further compensation may be made in exceptional circumstances for which you will need to contact the Company.

15: Illustrations, photographs and descriptions on the website, brochures, pricelists or documents serve merely as a guide and will not be binding.

16: The Company reserves the right to make use of subcontractors to provide the service to the passengers. These subcontractors will be able to provide a high quality of service and will be licensed and comply with the regulations stipulated with the local authority.

17: Prices of journeys also depend on the size of the vehicle. The Company or Company’s driver (subcontractor) will have the right to refuse any passenger who has excess luggage, which would result in the car being unsafe while in transit. The passenger has to make sure that the correct sized vehicle is booked according to the guidelines set out and to notify us of any excess luggage.

18: The driver will kindly assist you to load your luggage if you prefer, but are not responsible for any damages to passenger’s luggage.

19: The Company shall not undertake the carriage/delivery of: any money or securities (cash, cheques, bankers draft, bonds, share certificates in any form), antiques, precious metal, furs, jewellery (in any form and whatsoever value), any goods and property on any intrinsic value of more than £150, any goods or property (in whatsoever nature) of hazardous, dangerous, inflammable, explosive or noxious nature and/or any goods or property which may materially deteriorate in transit unless the Customer has prior commencement of the service in respect of such goods and property expressly notified the Company as to the nature and the value of the same and a director of the Company has expressly agreed in writing the Company shall carry and deliver such goods and property.

20: Without prejudice to generality of clause 19 the Company shall have not in any event be liable directly or indirectly for: consequential loss (whether for loss of profit or otherwise) and or loss, damage and/or its employees and/or agents or arising otherwise howsoever.

21: The Company shall be entitled to destroy any goods or property referred to in clause 19 in such manner as the Company thinks fit if in the Company’s opinion it is proper to do so and the Company shall amount the Customer for money it receives (if any) on such destruction or disposal in excess of the cost incurred by the Company in so disposing of or destroying the goods or property.

22: Without prejudice to generality of clause 19 the Company shall have not in any event be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or not directly from: theft from a vehicle (attended or unattended), breakdown, accident, adverse weather conditions, any act or commission on the part of the Customer, any cause, act or circumstance beyond the control of the Company (including without limitation, any strike (official or not) lock out or other form of industrial action or labour dispute, government regulation, legal restrictions, embargoes, fire, flood, Act of God, any consequence of riot war invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) civil war, rebellion or military or usurped power, confiscation, requisition or destruction of or damage to proper by or upon the order of our in the name of any government of public or local authority) , inadequate or inappropriate packaging of goods or incorrect of inadequate labelling or instruction received from the Customer and/or the Company being prevented of hindered from delivering goods or property.

23: The Company does not have insurance for goods or property (of whatsoever nature) in transit (from the time of collection of the goods or property are collected by the Company or Company’s Subcontractor up to and including delivery thereof) and the Customer is advised to effect such insurance as the Customer deems necessary for the carriage of goods and/or property by the Company.

24: The Company provides the passenger the option of additionally booking a baby seat, which will be £5 extra to the prices quoted. Please keep in mind that babies & children are regarded as passengers and therefore to book the vehicle size accordingly.

25: Any passenger, during their journey, that causes fouling (by vomiting, general sickness or other unpleasant means e.g. food or drink) to the interior or exterior of the vehicle will be liable to pay the sum of £50 for the exterior and £100 for the interior in addition to their fare for that journey. The prices stipulated here are those as determined by the local Council and not the Company.

* Although not law (in a taxi or private hire vehicle) for children under 3 years of age, it is recommended that for the safety of your child you book an appropriate sized child seat. Also, Synergy Executive Cars does not have provisions to store a customer’s child seat.

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